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Make Your Garage Door System Family Friendly

Garage doors are very large in size and the last thing you want is for it to harm a member of your family, especially when each year there can be up to 30,000 injuries caused by garage door
accidents. Although garage doors are already designed to be safe, there are some extra precautions that you can take to keep your garage door system safe for your family and avoid any injuries.

Garage Door Safety-FIRSTUDTKeep Your Remote In A Safe Place

Do not leave your remote lying around for just anyone to grab. Secure it somewhere in your car so that it cannot easily be stolen or played with. Some features allow you to connect your garage door with your car or mobile device and no remote is necessary. Practice safety with your remote to avoid unfortunate accidents.

Inform Your Children On Garage Safety

Make sure your children know not to play around with the remote or garage. Remind them to stand away from the garage and wait when trying to enter or exit. In addition, hanging or playing on any parts of the garage should never occur because that is the quickest way for an accident to happen. Inform your children on the dangers of misusing a garage is wise and the best way avoid accidents.

Check Your System Regularly

Check the garage door system regularly to make sure it is working properly. Neglecting to do so could be the reason an accident occurs. Ensure that all its components are in good condition and make repairs when necessary. Remember, you can also call your garage door dealer and they will perform a safety check for you.

Keep Garage Clean

You want to make sure that there is little clutter in your garage as possible to secure the safety of your family. Accidents happen all the time and if your garage is cluttered someone may trip and fall and you never know if that could occur while the garage door is opening or closing.

While garage doors are created to be safe not everything is always made perfectly. Monitor your garage door system and inform your family on all safety measures. By checking your system and educating your family, you will create a safe environment for your family inside/outside your garage.

Submitted by Peter Torres

Peter is the owner of South West Garage Door Service, offering premier garage door repair in Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, and Menifee, Ca.  They provide services for a wide range of customers who’ve come to depend on their high quality professionalism, superior workmanship and unsurpassed level of customer service.

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