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Mysterious Garage Door Opening

There was a local news piece about a homeowner reporting to police about a possible crime working its way though her neighborhood. She told them that one of her garage doors randomly opened late one Saturday night. She was worried someone was driving around with a garage door opener, hoping to find a door that opened with it, and then perhaps break into the home at a later date.

Police checked on it, and here’s what they found.

When the homeowner saw her garage door open by itself, she first thought it was a family member.  She went to check it out, and once she got to the front of the house, she heard a car driving away very slowly.  She got a bad feeling about it, so she went back inside. 

The police told her that there were no other occurrences in her neighborhood. But that they would keep an eye on the neighborhood.

There are stories like this all over the country. Thieves are using old remotes and driving down neighborhoods to find garage doors that will open.

Is your home safe?

It depends on the age of your garage door opener.  If it’s 93 or newer, it has what’s called a rolling code.  That means the code between the opener and the remote changes constantly.  Mathematically speaking, that’s about 16.8 million combinations for your garage door opener.  If your opener is older than a 1993 model, the chances of a random remote opening your door is,

There are 80,000 possible combinations.  It’s an absolute freak chance that someone could remotely come close to opening your door at your home with a random opener.

A precaution is to always make sure to lock the door between your garage and your house for extra safety. If you experience the same situation as this homeowner, it’s best to call police.

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