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Maintaining Your Own Garage Door

Don’t you just find it so annoying when you garage door remote doesn’t work?

You arrive home from a long day at work to find that when you press that remote control pad button, instead of opening smoothly, you door stops half open or just doesn’t open at all. Of course, you can call in a technician to fix the problem, but before you pay out for this expense, you can of course try and fix the problem themselves.

First things first, you need to check the power supply to the opener. If this is faulty, then it will immediately answer your question as to why it is failing. If you cannot find any fault here, then your next place to look will be that there is no dirt of obstruction that means that the sensors are not receiving the correct signal to open the garage door. The sensors of course need to be aligned properly so they will recognize the signal to open.

As your garage door is on the outside of your home, it is easy to forget about. It’s one of those things that constantly seem to be on your list of things to do, but never reaches the top of the list. As well as this, make sure that all the moving parts within the garage are in good and working order and that they are lubricated.

If your door is an old fashioned up and over type, you need to look at all the parts for wear and tear including bolts and screws. If the screws are not tightly done up, this could cause the tracks to come off line and will mean that the door will not open smoothly. It is easy to secure your tracks and see if this is the problem that is prohibiting the door from opening.

If you have a door that swings open, you need to look carefully at the springs and the spring mounts to make sure everything is as it should be.

The springs also have to have the correct tensile strength; otherwise they will not lift the door smoothly. Make sure all brackets are also tightened properly and that the springs look as though they are in good order.

Another key to the proper opening and closing of your door is to make sure that you do regularly maintain your garage door. By checking and replacing the springs periodically as well as lubricating moving parts you can make sure that you garage door really does open smoothly every time you press the button. A little maintenance goes a long way to insure that you have a good working garage door.

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