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The Garage Door Remote: Serious Business!

When installing an automatic garage door opener, you will find they come equipped with a garage door remote to allow the door to be operated from inside the vehicle, the home or any other location within range of the remote control. Unlike the remote which operates numerous appliances in the house like your television set, the garage door remote does not operate on infrared, which needs a direct line of sight for the signal from the remote to access the controller.

Since the garage door remote doesn’t have to see the opener to operate it will send the signal through walls and doors and, based on the quality of the opener, over distances as far as 150 to 200-feet. This allows a person operating a vehicle to open the door from the end of their driveway so the door is open before their vehicle reaches the garage door. They can also utilize the garage door remote to close the door once inside, prior to exiting the vehicle, to remain protected from the elements and other risks which may be present.

When building garage, you can also consider installing garage door rollers in your garage door. Choose the right remote to open the garage door automatically. Each garage door remote operates on a frequency specific to the opener installed on their garage door and rarely will there be two on the same frequency within a community. While there are only a particular number of frequencies available for garage door openers, the odds of two openers operating on the same frequency in the same neighborhood are remote.

Sometimes, it could be necessary to replace the garage door remote that came with the new opener. Contacting the factory that made the opener and providing the model and serial number can commonly be enough to order a new one. Nevertheless, since it can take several days to have one shipped, several home improvements shops sell programmable remote controls which will probably work on most door openers.

These devices can be programmed quickly by following some simple instructions to replace an old one that no longer functions. Additionally, there are times during garage door repair projects that the remote will no longer function with a new opener and by programming a new universal garage door remote can have the homeowner back in business within a few minutes.

For most homeowners losing their garage door remote is as serious as losing the remote for their television. When a person installs an automatic garage door opener with a remote this is nearly impossible to live without one.

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