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Safety Comes First!

Maybe you have never given very much thought to the safety functions of your garage door, or just how unsafe a defective garage door can be.

Because as frequently as your garage doors are used it is vital to take into account all of the maintenance and basic safety features, because most people use the garage door at least a couple of times every day and there are numerous moving components that might be loose or fail resulting in property damage or for someone to get hurt.

Stop and think about this, the garage door may be the heaviest working component of the house. Your garage door is actually a motor-driven device that is frequently being opened and lowered over your car or truck as well as your entire family.

Through the years there have been a number of different kinds of garage doors placed in garages but the most frequently used style is most likely the panel garage doors. These types of doors really are standard panels hinged with one another that will be installed on tacks using a spring system to assist with raising the garage door. They can be manually operated but today most of them employ a garage door opener which includes a remote opening devise enabling you to open the garage door from the inside of your car or truck.

The following are some maintenance ideas to keep the garage door secure and safe and last for many years;

• Visually inspect your garage door looking for any kind of damaged locations especially where garage door opener connects close to the top portion of your garage door

• Check and be absolutely sure the garage door rollers are not wobbly or damaged, and lubricate annually

• If the garage door has the safety reversing eyes, test them out every month by just shutting your garage door and interrupting the beam being careful to not have anything within the path of your door if the reverse devices fail

• Doors manufactured after 1993 have reverse sensors together with the pressure sensing unit. To try the reverses sensor device; place a roll of paper towels on the garage area floor under the door and once the garage door opener detects pressure it needs to reverse and begin to raise

• Look for loose nuts, mounting bolts or anchoring screws and simply tighten as required especially on the tracks and mounting brackets which support your garage door from the ceiling

• Do not let the children to spend time playing with the garage door since there are a number of pinch points around the garage door, and be sure that the garage door control button is beyond the reach of children

• Visually check out the garage door springs, the two most common styles of garage door springs are; torsion springs and extension springs. Should you have extension springs there has to be a safety cable going through within the springs in case the spring fails it will be contained

• Be certain everyone in the family understands and is able to use the emergency safety release option

Safety Comes 1st. If you find any loosened and / or defective areas in your garage door and you don’t feel safe doing the repairs, simply call a certified garage door specialist in order to make all of the repairs.

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