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Is It Time for a New Garage Door?

Dented Garage Door_Firstudt.comYou’ve repaired and replaced, repaired and replaced, but your old garage door still isn’t working right. There comes a time when pouring all that time and money into a faulty door just doesn’t make good fiscal sense anymore. In some parts of the country, garage doors are continuously pounded by harsh weather conditions including snow, sleet, ice, and hot sunshine. Here are some ways that homeowners can know when it’s finally time to get a new garage door.

Dents: A dented garage door is not necessarily a safety hazard, but it is certainly an eyesore! Even if your yard is immaculately kept and the rest of your house looks terrific, the sight of a dent or dents in the garage door will wipe out any positive impression when people drive up to your property: and this could result in a loss of value to your home too if you’re considering selling.

Rust: Rust is not only unsightly, but it is also a sign that your garage door will soon be experiencing operational problems if it isn’t already. Rust is a symptom of corrosion in a door’s metal parts, and these parts may break or fall apart unexpectedly resulting in inconvenience or even injury. Rust in spring coils is especially dangerous: since these coils are responsible for the high degree of tension necessary for proper door operations, if the coils fail the heavy door could fall and fall violently.

Difficulty Opening: A door that is hard to open either by hand or automatically is exhibiting signs of wear or misalignment.

Could it be your time to replace that garage door?


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