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Garage doors don’t often make news headlines

Garage doors don’t often make news headlines. But they did recently, as a woman in Holland, Ohio had a mural painted on her house depicting Oprah Winfrey. The mural was to commemorate the 25 years of her talk show, which ended recently. This shows one extreme example of garage door customization. There are other more practical options to upgrade your home’s exterior using garage doors.

Customized garage doors are an easy way to personalize your home as well as add curb appeal and value. They can make a home look more attractive and inviting, and they are generally affordable.

When deciding on new garage doors, one of the most important things to consider is what kind of material you want to use. The two most popular garage door materials are wood and metal. Wooden doors come in a great variety of colors and textures, from natural wood that can give your home a rustic feel, to popular wood paneling used to make your garage look like a carriage house. Metal doors also come in a great amount of varieties, and can be made to look similar to wooden doors.

A newly popular trend with metal garage doors is to paint them a shade lighter than the rest of the house – this way, there is a clear distinction between the house and garage, but it does not stand out as much as stark white doors would. Another newly popular material to use in garage doors is glass. Glass garage-doors can offer a unique aesthetic appeal as well as maximum light transmission into your garage, and can feature special coatings so that while you can see out, others cannot see in. Combinations of these materials can also be used – whether it be glass and steel or wood and metal, they can offer a sleek look for any contemporary architecture.

If you want to go a more creative route similar to the Ohio woman’s mural, some companies do offer photo tarpaulins which can be used to cover garage doors. Whether you choose a famous work of art, a photo of your own, or one of their 3-D designs (featuring everything from racecars to the illusion that there is an alligator living in your garage), these pieces can become a piece of conversation in your neighborhood.

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