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Friday Funny: Funny Garage Door Story

At least I think it’s funny. Probably funnier if you were there.

So, this guy’s renting a room from a classmate.  He has a garage door opener that he occasionally has a bit of trouble using – nothing major. He’ll just double click it and the door starts up or down then for some reason stops and he then has to repeat the process.  Sometimes he almost drives thru the garage door thinking it should be open by now.

So last night, he came home at 1:30 AM from work and hit the garage door remote and nothing.  He stopped before plowing into the door and hit the remote again. It rises about 8″ and then begins to go back down.  Weird, he’s sure he didn’t double click, so he hit it again. It stops. He hits it again and it begins to rise just to suddenly stop and begin to go back down.  

Now he’s wondering, “what the heck?”. This thing is definitely not working and he’s going to have to call and wake up his friend to let him in.  He tries it one more time and it begins and continues to open up.  YEAh!

Inside he see’s someone moving – which scares the poop out of him considering its 1:30 in the morning!

Low and behold it’s his friend looking terrified back at him! She had just gotten home from her job and couldn’t figure out why in the world the garage door kept trying to open so she kept hitting the button to close it!

Fun times! What’s your story?

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