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Garage doors often suffer from wear and tear. In order to make sure that your garage door stays in top shape, you need to paint it periodically.

All aspects of the weather from sun to snow can be harmful to the appearance of your garage door. Discoloration of the garage door is mainly because the sun directly falls on your garage door, the rain soaks all the metal parts of the garage door which will cause it to rust over time. Also, there are chances of snow getting freeze into your garage door during winter which melts due to the heat from your house and then re-freezes. All of the above can harm the state of your garage door.

When you first install your garage door, take a photo of it so that you can compare its condition. the photo you take when the door is new will remind you of how your door really should look. But if you have taken another and more recent photo of your door, you will easily be able to see the wear and tear your door has suffered. This is a sure indication that you should  do the necessary maintenance work as early as possible because any delay in doing so will prove to be too costly in the long run.

First step, you should take in this direction is to prepare your garage door for the painting work. You will need to wash your door with some detergent in the water in order to remove all grime and dirt that has accumulated. Rinse off the solution and once finished leave the door to get completely dry. Next you need to examine your door and check for loose paintwork or chipping; with a wire brush you can then remove any excesses of paint that will impede you painting the surface well. After that clean the garage door again and rinse carefully and let it dry completely.

Once you are sure that the garage door is totally dry, apply the base or primer coat to the door. This will ensure that your new acrylic paint will stick to the surface of the garage door smoothly. To apply the paint to the garage door, a spray gun is a great option. Make sure you use long strokes and allow each layer of paint to dry thoroughly. Once the base or primer coat is fully dry, then you can go on to spraying with the top color of your choice.

Once you have finished, you will be amazed at just how good your garage door will look with its new coat of paint. Your new look garage door should last you a good few years. Painting your garage door is not an expensive task, and the results will last you many years.

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