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Blog Archive: May 4, 2011

Make your garage much more than just a place to park your car!

Would you like more liveable space in your home? The simple expedient of insulating and draft proofing your garage door will give you just that. Make your garage much more than just a place to park your car!

A garage really is much more than a car park or at least, an insulated garage has the potential to be much more, especially when one takes into account their proximity to our homes. You wouldn’t let uncomfortable draughts into your home, so why let them into your garage?

Agreed, there is a negative to consider when deciding whether or not to insulate your garage doors. Insulated garage doors cost more to purchase than uninsulated garage doors, but this initial outlay is mitigated over time through the reduction of lost heat and the addition of extra liveable space within your home.

Home Improvement The benefits of having a garage that is insulated including an insulated garage door. We use our garages for everything except maybe parking our cars that is. Garages are great to have because we can get so much use out of them. They give us an extension of our home to work on hobbies like wood working or automotive care or even [more]