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Blog Archive: April 19, 2011

Prolonging the Life of Your Garage Door

If you want your garage doors to keep on working for many years to come, then all you really need to do is learn a little about garage door maintenance.

The main parts of a garage door that really need to be kept in top working order are the hardware and the springs. Garage door maintenance really is easy and if done periodically, takes only minutes. The most important thing to remember with garage door maintenance is to keep any springs well lubricated. They may also need some adjustment, as well as tweaks to the cables and levers, and this you can leave to the professionals!

The springs are the core component of the functioning of your garage door, and do more than 90% of the work of opening and closing doors of traditional up and over or swing mechanisms. If you are struggling to be open your garage doorway then your springs will need some aligning. Car port door maintenance is not complex, and even if you call out a professional, you should not expect hefty bills for work done. Another possibility to the hard opening and closing of the door is that the springs are worn and need replacing.

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