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Blog Archive: March 3, 2011

A Buyer’s First Impression: The Garage Door

Folks in the remodeling mood often consider many parts of their homes for overhauls, but they might overlook one change-out that could increase curb appeal significantly. The garage door is becoming one of the main focal points of the house. Garage doors often make up more than one-third of the front facade of many homes and should be considered in home-improvement plans.

A recent study released by Remodeling Magazine found that homeowners who replace their garage doors are seeing an average of 84 percent return on investment. This means homeowners can expect to recoup about 84 percent of the cost of the new garage doors in selling price should they place their property on the market. This ranks higher than a kitchen or bathroom remodel. It’s one of the least-expensive home-improvement projects, and it can greatly improve curb appeal that can affect buyer first impression.

One door style in particular has become very popular. Carriage-house doors are big right now. They’re a design that comes from an older time period. Carriage doors, often compared to barn doors, come in both wood and steel and often have windows on the upper section. They can simulate the swing-out style with decorative strap hinges added.

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