Woodie Overlay: The Wood Overlay product is manufactured by 1st United Door, using hand selected 3/8" thick Western Red Cedar tongue and groove siding which is then laminated to the face of a 1 3/4" or 2" thick steel sectional door and post insulated with a laminated EPS foam. Each and every Woodie Overlay door is custom made and hand crafted to the customer's specifications.

Sections: Are manufactured from 24 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel and insulated with a CFC free rigid polystyrene laminated to a heavy gauge styrene back skin. The insulation is custom fit and assembled after the overlay fabrication is complete. Sections are pre painted white, and roll formed with tongue and groove meeting rails. Tongue and groove hand selected Incent or Western Red Cedar face boards are nominal 5/8" x 5 1/2" S2S. The boards are then laminated to the face of the steel door with synthetic rubber base cement on the face of the door, and then mechanically fastened from the back of the door with screws. Double overlay boards up to 7" wide and are applied to the face boards in the same manner with the rough or smooth side up, depending upon the customer requirements. Section joints are cut at a 10 15 degree angle to shed water from the face of the door and minimize the appearance of the section joint.

Hardware: Heavy Duty H 4 Commercial duty Hardware and Track with Commercial top and bottom fixtures, 14 gauge commercial hinges, 2 inch (3 inch over 650 lbs.), 2" 11 ball nylon rollers, pre painted springs (except " or 6"), galvanized torsion tubes (solid shaft over 650 lbs.), self locking fasteners and back hang bolts, operator reinforcement brackets, dual lift handles, inside lock, minimum .075 horizontal track, .060 vertical track (3" over 650 lbs.). Note: Some doors require 4 spring pads. Verify door weight and spring configuration prior to framing.

Models: All custom designs. All orders require approval drawings and submittals by customer. Any changes, cancellations or amendments must be in writing and they must be acknowledged and confirmed in writing prior to production. Revised drawings must be re approved. All orders for custom arch doors must have an arch template submitted on black roofing paper with floor to top of arch and floor to start of arch dimensions marked on the template.

Widths & Heights: Widths: 6', 8', 9', 10', 12', 16', 18'
  Heights: 6'0" thru 14'0" (3" increments)

Up Grade Options:
Glass Designs: Various designs are available - See Brochure
Glass Types: DBS Clear, Seedie, Obscure, Tinted (Bronze)
Decorative Hardware: Various designs - See Brochure - Please note if decor hardware will be added

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

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All information listed is based upon published information as of 5-1-2014. SCH Door Spec 7/2014
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