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The Benefits of Garage Door Seals

Garages are not merely a place for parking cars. They often have multiple functions like home-office, gym or hobby station, besides accommodating assorted storage for the house. Garage door seals help to maintain the internal garage environment preventing ingress of dirt and vermin and offering weather insulation.


Garage door seals act as a barrier by covering the small gaps and joints between the door body and its structural surrounds. These gaps allow water, dust, leaves and even pests into the house. Water can damage stored items and pose a slipping hazard. Pests cause damage and create unhealthy conditions.

Garage door bottom seals are pieces of vinyl or rubber which are attached to the door bottom. Floor door stops prevent leaves and litter from being blown in. Garage door threshold seals are fixed to the floor and are tougher. Garage door floor seals are fixed using industrial strength adhesive. Garage door weather stripping includes pieces of vinyl or plastic attached to the jambs and header, using nails and screws which act as door draught excluders. Seal kits are available and can be installed as DIY jobs.

These different door seals ensure that there is an effective barrier between the garage interiors and outdoor elements.


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