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A Frozen Garage Door Can Be Hard to Open!

Your garage door might be opened several times a day. When you move your car in and out of the garage or when you enter a garage that is not attached to your home to retrieve or store something, you will need to be opening the door. However, if you have a severe snow or ice storm or even just a particularly cold string of days, your garage door can freeze closed. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent your garage door from freezing

1. Apply a commercial garage door lubricant or silicone spray to the tracks of your garage door. The lubricant will prevent freezing.

2. Add some lubricant to the rollers of your garage door, as well.
3. Put the commercial lubricant onto the hinges of your garage door to prevent them from freezing during the winter.
4. Shovel snow and ice from the outside of your garage door each morning. Allowing the snow and ice to accumulate or refreeze at night can also freeze your garage door.
5. Warm up your car in your driveway, rather than inside your garage. Your car heating up can melt the snow or ice around the door. Then, when it refreezes after you drive away, the [more]

Pass the salt, please!

This is a winter during which temperatures are averaging below normal for about three-quarters of the nation. So don’t let winter’s freeze to be the cause of your garage door seal freezing to the concrete floor.

Whether it’s wind piling snow up against the door to your garage or a dripping eave that is splashing around the front of the garage and then freezing overnight, chances are you’ve encountered a garage door that’s frozen itself to the concrete floor.

The simplest remedy is to use ordinary table salt. Sprinkling a generous amount along where the rubber seal meets up with the concrete will minimize the chance of it freezing by keeping the salt in place. You just might want to keep a large container of table salt near the garage door, so it will be handy and you’ll remember to use it. Keep the area beneath the garage door seal swept clear of snow and reapply salt as necessary.

It sounds like a hassle, but chipping ice away from the bottom of the garage door and chewing up the rubber seal in the process is no fun, and parking outside the garage defeats the purpose of having a garage in the first place.

Use this [more]