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Blog Archive: December 2011

Garage Doors Can Make a Change

Updating your curb appeal adds value and beautifies your home simultaneously.

A house with curb appeal stands out from the other homes and is noticed because it provides us with simple visual pleasure every time we pass by.

Here are some ideas that you can use to enhance your home and create curb appeal with your garage doors.

In an era when two-car garages are becoming standard in new home construction and door sizes are increasing to accommodate SUV’s and RV’s, garage door design matters more than ever in distinguishing the look of a home.

They come in a variety of design styles, colors, decorative windows, insulation values, material and sizes. The garage door is the largest working part of a house and often its most prominent feature. So, when you are buying, you want to choose carefully. Garage door replacement is one of the better home improvement projects in terms of recouping value when a house sells.

The right garage door can make or break many of those curb-appeal enhancements and considering the style of your home before purchasing a new garage door is important. If your house is Victorian, Farmhouse Country or Mid Century Modern, it will have an impact of what [more]

Garage Door Security for the Holidays

This can be a hectic time of year, and if you’re planning to go away for the holidays, it’s all too easy to overlook crisis prevention.

While dashing around packing presents and suitcases, be conscious of any and all safety measures you should take before you start your travels. One of the more valuable tips for avoiding trouble while you’re away is about securing your garage door.

You must treat the door from your garage into your home as seriously as you do your front and back doors. It’s often the preferred door for a burglar to break in because after they get in your garage they can close the garage door and then break into your house from inside your garage without being seen by neighbors.

Having a second car parked in the driveway is always a good idea. Keeping the garage door opener in the vehicle while you’re gone is not. Be sure to remove the garage door opener and lock the door that connects the garage to the house before you leave.

Your garage door can and should be monitored by your security alarm just like your other doors are. With the holiday season coming up fast, keeping burglars out of [more]