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Blog Archive: January 27, 2011

SHAKE, RATTLE and it won’t ROLL up?

Is your garage door a challenge to open? Does your garage door SHAKE when you use it? Will the door not open at all? Or is your garage door stuck in an endless cycle of opening or closing? When your garage door isn’t working right, it can add considerable frustration to your life. You expect your garage door to always function the way you know it should. Nevertheless, the good news is that a garage door repair service company is not far away.

Before you phone the garage door company, be sure to check these quick-fixes:

(1) Determine for sure your overhead door opener remote has new batteries.

(2) Observe all safety sensors (at the bottom of the door on each side of the tracks) to determine they are free of debris and aligned.

(3) Remove debris like sticks, gravel, from under the door.

If these basic procedures don’t get your garage door opening and closing smoothly again, then you know it’s time to call in a garage door company. They will have the experience and tools to determine a wide variety of garage door repair issues from minor problems to larger safety concerns. Once they know what’s wrong with your door, they’ll be able [more]