STEELITE SERIES: Premium quality, 23 gauge 2 inch thick steel door with horizontal and vertical grooved panels set into 24 and 28 inch sections. A unique and exclusive design of First United Door Technologies

Sections: Are 2 inches thick in 24 and 28 inch section heights. Each section is manufactured from heavyduty 23 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel. Sections are pre painted white and rotary embossed with a wood grain texture. Ultra high definition raised panels are pressed in 1/8" height increments to a depth of .375". Tongue and groove metering rails are roll formed into the panel incorporating the "RITS" reinforced integral truss system. Vertical stile members are 19 gauge hot dipped galvanized I beams prepainted white to match the interior color of the section. Stiles are riveted and bonded to the interior face of the door with epoxy based cement. Bottom sections are reinforced with aluminum "L" angle, and bonded to the bottom of the section for supporting a replaceable UV protected bottom weather seal. H 3 Hardware And Track: Hinges are hot dipped galvanized, 14 gauge wide body end roller hinges and 16 gauge interior hinges. Rollers are 2 inch black nylon, galvanized torsion tube; self locking fasteners, prepainted springs, and an inside lock.

Models: Delano: 23 gauge door vertical grooved panel (18.5" X 20.5")
  Legacy: 23 gauge door vertical grooved panel (7.5" X 20.5")

Widths & Heights: Widths: 8', 9', 10', 12', 15', 16', 18', 20'
  Heights: 6'0" thru 14'0" (4" increments)

Up Grade Options:
Glass Designs: Various designs - See Brochure
Decorative Hardware: Various designs - See Brochure

Insulation: CFC free polystyrene insulation with a rigid high impact vinyl back skin with an R factor of 6.25. CFC free polystyrene insulation with a 28 gauge steel back cover laminated to the face of the door with an R factor of 7.25.

Color: All doors are primed painted white from the factory and require post painting. The examples shown have been painted to show some of the possibilities that further enhance the wood effect.

Hardware: H 3 Optional hardware includes 14 gauge commercial hinges throughout. Commercial top fixtures and heavy duty bottom fixtures, 10 ball white Nylon rollers, double lift handles, inside slide lock, back hang fasteners, pre painted springs, galvanized torsion tube, .051 vertical track, and .060 horizontal track.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

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All information listed is based upon published information as of 5-1-2014. SCH Door Spec 7/2014
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